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Why Magnesium Hydroxide can be the Mainstream Flame Retardant
2020-05-20 15:55:10

Why Magnesium Hydroxide can be the Mainstream Flame Retardant magnesium hydroxide Mg (oh)2 is an additive flame retardant with rapid development. it is low smoke, non-toxic, and can neutralize acid and corrosive gas in combustion process, so it is an environmentally friendly green flame retardant. and its flame retardant mechanism is similar to AL (OH)3. compared with AL (oh)3, the decomposition temperature of Mg (oh)2 is 100-150 higher than that of AL (oh)3 C, which can be used for flame retardant of engineering plastics with processing temperature higher than 250 C, and also can promote the carbon formation of polymers, but to achieve a certain flame retardant effect, the addition amount needs to be more than 50%, which has a great influence on the properties of the materials. Reduction of aggregation the addition of Mg (oh)2 in the compound, one way is to fine-tune the Mg (oh)2 particles, and the other is to modify the Mg (oh)2 surface by coating technology to improve its compatibility with the polymer. Magnesium hydroxide is a new type of filled flame retardant, which releases bound water and absorbs a lot of latent heat in the process of thermal decomposition. Magnesium oxide produced by thermal decomposition of magnesium hydroxide is an ideal refractory material, which can help to optimize the fire resistance of synthetic materials, and the water vapor released by decomposition also has smoke suppression effect. Therefore, in the rubber industry, magnesium hydroxide is recognized as a high-quality flame retardant with the functions of smoke suppression, filling and flame retardant. At present, in the field of communication cables, the amount of inorganic flame retardants in foreign countries such as Japan, the European Union and the United States exceeds 64%, while China accounts for only 8%. Why is magnesium hydroxide a flame retardant? Magnesium oxide produced 1. the combustion and dehydration of magnesium hydroxide flame retardant is a kind of high strength and heat resistance data. It can be used as a protective wall to insulate fire source and toxic and harmful gases. 2. uniform particle size distribution, good compatibility with the substrate, less impact on the mechanical properties of finished products; 3. the high decomposition ability of magnesium hydroxide, high flame retardant efficiency, strong smoke suppression ability, small hardness, small friction to the equipment, help to extend the life of the equipment; The thermal decomposition temperature of 4. magnesium hydroxide reaches 340℃, which is 100℃ higher than that of aluminum hydroxide, which is beneficial to the improvement of plastic processing temperature, the speed of extrusion, the improvement of plasticizing effect, the shortening of molding time, the high glossiness of finished product, and the absence of appearance defects, at the same time, the guarantee of super strong peeling strength; 5. the price of magnesium hydroxide is low, magnesium hydroxide is half the price of aluminum hydroxide, and the filling quantity is large, which can greatly reduce the cost of products.