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  • Industrial Application of Brucite and Brucite Superfine Powder

    2019-10-21 16:11:03
    Industrial application of brucite and brucite superfine powder
  • What is the Flame Retardancy of materials? He is. What is the form of Implementation?

    2019-10-15 12:01:00
    The magnesium oxide produced after thermal decomposition of the magnesium hydroxide is an ideal refractory material, in addition to the help of optimizing the fire resistance of the synthetic material
  • What are the Main Forms of Flame Retardant Materials?

    2019-10-09 11:15:09
    Flame retardant materials include organic flame retardant materials and inorganic flame retardant materials.
  • Is Magnesium Hydroxide a Strong Base?

    2019-09-29 16:39:40
    Magnesium hydroxide is a medium and strong base because the part of magnesium hydroxide dissolved in water is insoluble in water and can be partially ionized, and the alkalinity is stronger than that of aluminum hydroxide. Because the gold attribute of magnesium is stronger than that of aluminum.
  • What is the Flame-retar Dant Mechanism of Magnesium Hydroxide

    2019-09-24 09:57:01
    The flame retardant mechanism magnesium hydroxide decomposes and absorbs the surface heat of combustion material to flame retardant when heated (340 ≤ 490 degrees), and releases a large amount of water to dilute the oxygen on the surface of combustion material, and the active magnesium oxide formed by decomposition is attached to the surface of combustible material, which further prevents the combustion from going on.
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