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    Classification of Magnesium Oxide(MGO)

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Industrial grade light burning

Application: Mainly used in the production of magnesite products. Lightly burned magnesia and magnesium chloride aqueous solution in a certain ratio, can be gelled and hardened into a hardened body with certain physical and mechanical properties, called magnesite cement. As a new type of cement, magnesite cement has the advantages of light weight, high strength, fire and heat insulation, energy saving and environmental protection. It can be widely used in building materials, municipal, agricultural, machinery and other fields.

Classification of Magnesium Oxide(MGO)

Advanced lubricant grade

Application: Mainly used as detergent, vanadium inhibitor and desulfurizer in advanced lubricating oil processing, which greatly improves the compactness and rheology of lubricating film and reduces ash. Lead removal and mercury removal reduce the environmental pollution of lubricating oil or fuel waste. Surface treated magnesium oxide can also be used as a complexing agent, chelating agent and carrier in the refining process, which is more conducive to product fractionation and improve product quality. Especially when heavy oil is burned, adding Mg0 can eliminate the damage of vanadium in heavy oil to the furnace.

Food grade

Application: It is used as a supplement for magnesium additives in food supplements, color stabilizers, and pH adjusters as health care products and foods. It is used as a decolorizer ice cream powder pH regulator when granulated sugar is refined. As an anti-caking agent and antacid used in the fields of wheat flour, milk powder chocolate, cocoa powder, grape powder, sugar powder, etc., it can also be used in the fields of ceramics, enamels, glass, dyes and the like.

Classification of Magnesium Oxide(MGO)

Medical grade

Application field: Bio-pharmaceutical field can use medical grade magnesia as antacid, adsorbent, desulfurizer, lead removal agent, complex filter aid, pH regulator. It is used as antacid and laxative in medicine, inhibition and alleviation. Excessive stomach acid, treatment of gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer disease. Neutralizing gastric acid is strong, slow and long-lasting, and does not produce carbon dioxide.

Silicon steel grade

Application: Silicon steel grade magnesia has good magnetic permeability (ie, has a large positive magnetic susceptibility) and excellent insulation properties (ie, conductivity can be as low as 10-14 us/cm densification). The surface of the silicon steel sheet can be formed into a good insulating layer and a magnetic conductive medium to suppress and overcome the eddy current and skin effect loss (referred to as iron loss) of the silicon steel core in the transformer. Improve the insulation properties of silicon steel sheets and use them as high temperature annealing separators. It can also be used as a dephosphorization agent, a desulfurizer, and an insulating coating agent in silicon steel for ceramic materials, electronic materials, chemical raw materials, binders, and additives.

Advanced electromagnetic grade

Application areas: for wireless high-frequency paramagnetic magnetic materials, magnetic rod antennas, magnetic cores of frequency modulation components. Instead of ferrite. It can be used in the fabrication of composite superconducting magnetic materials and also in the electronic magnetic industry. As a "soft magnetic material." It is also an ideal raw material for industrial enamels and ceramics.


Fengcheng City Heqi Brucite Mining Co., Ltd., is an imports and exports mining company registered in 1998 in Fengcheng City of Liaoning Province. the company is located in Fengcheng City, Primarily engaged in processing minerals. The company property mainly manufactures magnesium hydroxide flame retardant and brucite powder. The export work is handling by DALIAN HEXIN NEW MATERIAL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.

Classification of Magnesium Oxide(MGO)


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Classification of Magnesium Oxide(MGO)


"Business Integrity, Standardize Services, Sustainable development, Dedicated to Community" is the company’s Principles. During several years developing, the company possesses own mines and processing plants,It consists of the heqi brucite mine in Fengcheng city (reserves 3,000,000 tons, annual output is 100,000 tons).