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    Wastewater Treatment Powder

    Wastewater Treatment Powder
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Magnesium hydroxide is formed by reaction of magnesium oxide with water, and magnesium hydroxide is formed by reaction of magnesium oxide powder with sewage.

MgO+ H2O = Mg (OH)2, at the moment when magnesium oxide reacts with sewage to generate magnesium hydroxide, the harmful substance silicon and other impurities in sewage are disposed of by reaction.

As the magnesium hydroxide has the characteristics of buffering, great activity, strong adsorption capacity, non-corrosive, safe, non-toxic and harmless, and has been widely used in water treatment system in recent years

In particular, heavy metals in sewage cause more serious harm to the environment due to their characteristics such as high toxicity, difficulty in being metabolized in the environment, easy to be enriched by organisms and gradual expansion along the biological chain. Magnesium hydroxide has a large surface area, strong adsorption capacity, and a solubility product larger than that of general metals. Therefore, magnesium hydroxide is used to treat heavy metal ions. In addition to the adsorption, precipitates will be generated due to the displacement effect.

According to the research, magnesium hydroxide can not only neutralize the acid in wastewater, but also form precipitation on the ion of Cu, Fe, Cr (111), Pb and Zn in water, and further remove them through the adsorption of magnesium hydroxide, so as to achieve the purpose of complete removal, and partially remove the Ni and Cd etc.

Wastewater Treatment Powder

Wastewater Treatment Powder

Fengcheng City Heqi Brucite Mining Co., Ltd., is an imports and exports mining company registered in 1998 in Fengcheng City of Liaoning Province. the company is located in Fengcheng City, Primarily engaged in processing minerals. The company property mainly manufactures magnesium hydroxide flame retardant and brucite powder. The export work is handling by DALIAN HEXIN NEW MATERIAL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. 

Our annual output amount is up to 100,000 tons. Quality,Integrity, Innovation are our business ideas. Relying on quality products, good services, our company possess good reputation in the line.

"Business Integrity, Standardize Services, Sustainable development, Dedicated to Community" is the company’s Principles. During several years developing, the company possesses own mines and processing plants,It consists of the heqi brucite mine in Fengcheng city (reserves 3,000,000 tons, annual output is 100,000 tons). 


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